Hi folks! this is a -quickly created- homepage for ctrlMedia, a software project gently hosted by SourceForge.net ctrlMedia wants to be a little solution for media listening/watching. It can play music/movies, let you see images, watch tv, and maybe other things in the future.

It is in a quite development version now, so it isn't suitable for normal users. Anyway, it is quite working now so i decided to put it on the web so other people can see it and maybe contribute with code. This project is searching for developers.

Screenshots of the development version:

Main Menu Other Menu
Main Menu A List Menu for music

Latest News (2006-09-07):

News from version 0.1.6 (2006-07-27):

Interface restyling (2006-04-21):

News from version 0.1.5 (2004-12-15):

Old News:

News from version 0.1.4:
to use ctrlMedia you need: You need at least DirectFb 0.9.21 and the df_xine module to use ctrlMedia. By now, you must use DirectFB CVS version and download df_xine from directfb's CVS Extra directory.
Mplayer and Mpg321 frontend modules are no more used but can still compile into the project witha little Makefile change.

Version 0.1.3:
This release uses Mplayer to see videos and Mpg321 to listen to the music. Mplayer is useful on top of DirectFB only if you use a video output driver that writes data directly into the video card framebuffer (like mga_vid for matrox MGA chip based video cards).
You must choose appropriate drivers for video and audio outputs in ctrlmedia.conf

Go to CtrlMedia SourceForge.Net Project page to download it :)

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